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Quantum Tai ChiThe Quantum Tai Chi A new interpretation of quantum theory. Quantum ShieldThe Quantum Shield: Protecting Your Life from Destructive Thoughts and Feelings. Impossible MountainImpossible Mountain Novel: An Everest-high mountain rises in Colorado--the physical and spiritual climb.

Cry with the Mother

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How we magnetize our world from the field of infinite possibilities:
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Destructive Music Resists the Oncoming Light: The Roots and Influence of American Rock Music.

Cry with the Mother

Dr. Philip Petersen's bio Goddess of Liberty, click my photo. My name is Dr. Philip Petersen, taking the 'liberty' of welcoming you to an outpost on the boundary between science and religion, East and West. The word 'Empyrean' means the highest heaven, the abode of spiritual fire. Empyrean Quest's website offers many free offerings to help you in your quest for that fire. If you want a fortune cookie, we offer free I Ching one liners. Purchase our varied books and music with the convenience of a secure shopping cart. Peaceful browsing music: 'To Wish'.

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