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The Goddess of Liberty

The Goddess of Liberty is an ascended master, chairwoman of the Great Karmic Board. This Board cooperates with souls to work out their karma and dharma. Under hypnotic regression, many recall her as the woman 'angel' who assists them in choosing their parents and birth circumstances prior to descending into the womb (which begins to happen at conception).

The other members of the Great Karmic Board are Kwan Yin (Goddess of Mercy), Pallas Athena (Goddess of Truth), The Great Divine Director (St. Germain's guru, and master of the Divine Plan), Cyclopea (Elohim of music, science, healing--the all-seeing eye), Nada (Chohan of the sixth ray of service and ministration), and Portia (St. Germain's twin flame, and Goddess of Opportunity).

The Goddess of Liberty appears in history not only as the guiding goddess of France and in their statue-gift to the infant US, but also as the angelic being who provides George Washington with a vision of the future of America: three great tribulations--including the Civil War, and the greatest tribulation to come. George Washington's Vision

Her two retreats on the etheric plane are The Temple of the Sun over Grand Central Station in New York City and in the south of France with the artist, Paul the Venetian, Chohan of the third ray of love. You may ask your Christ-Self to take you to these retreats at night to learn the mysteries of Karma, wisdom, and fine art.

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