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The Secret of Healing by Touch
Ingrid Maria Middleton.
Nonfiction. Paperback, 129 pgs.,
ISBN 1890711144. Published 9/00.
Retail: $9.99 Kindle, see Amazon for paperback price.
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The Midwest Book Review (Dec. 2000):

"In The Secret of Healing by Touch, Ingrid Middleton reveals healing massage elevated to a fine art. She goes into each of her massage sessions certain that the person she touches will be ultimately transformed by the power that flows through her fingers and the vision that allows her to take on the blocks to healing within her clients, and within herself. Middleton shows how the keys to successful therapeutic massage are conection, love, visualization, and empowerment. Very highly recommended reading for students of metaphysics, alternative medicine, massage, and mind/body spirituality, The Secret of Healing by Touch is further enhanced for the reader with a simple list of twenty steps to a healing-by-touch session."

Concepts Magazine (Nov.-Dec. 2000):

"People, particularly in the United States, are often starved for human touch. Simply making that human contact can begin the healing process. Ingrid Middletonís book illustrates how she has been able to connect with people and help them through healing touch, and shows simple techniques for others to do so as well, Ingrid is an inspiring example of warmth and caring in a world that often seems too cold and mechanical. A must-read book for all those interested in better health."

Abbey Reviews (9/15/00):

"Ingrid Middleton has spread her gospel of the need for loving touch everywhere she goes, and has written many articles for newspapers and magazines. Something of a touch healing guru, her ability to show others how to become aware of anotherís blocks by touching them has led her to set up massage seminars for the major airlines, and she has trained a host of massage professionals.

"Reading this book transfers her mantle to the reader, and one canít help but become aware of oneís own need to touch and be touched. Much of the book reads like entrancing poetry and is interspersed with insights of a spiritual depth you will find in no other book on touch healing. You cannot read this book without being transformed by bathing in the love and wisdom of a truly great teacher."

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